What is gmc circular saw

What kind of flooring saw does GMC use?

In short, every GMC tool is packed with innovation and at the forefront of consumer desire. Installation of wooden or laminate flooring will never be the same again with the 127mm Flooring Saw from GMC.

Is there GMC 2200 metal cut off saw in Australia?

Time PRODUCT REVIEW looked at some of these silly questions! Probably not possible. This company hasn't existed in Australia for around 20 years. An Electrician might be able to rig something up, I don't know. Hi How on earth do you change the blade on the GMC 2200 355mm metal cut off saw.

What to know before using a circular saw?

There are several points that the user should check before using the saw. This will maximize the chances of a successful and productive work session. Choose the correct blade for the material being sawed. Make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut the material at hand so that the saw stays under control.

How to change Blade on GMC cut off saw?

Really, if you cannot work out how to change a blade on a cut off saw, you shouldn't be operating one. Hi Rohan S. First, unplug the saw. Then undo and remove the silver coloured screw knob from the right hand side of the saw housing. This holds the flip up guard and with a bit of jiggling, you can then remove this guard.


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