What is handheld scroll saw

What's the best way to learn to use a scroll saw?

Start cutting out your design by testing the scroll saw on a piece of scrap wood, choosing the right speed, and carefully guiding your project through the blade. Make gifts for your friends and family to practice using different types of wood and new designs, and watch your scroll sawing confidence grow! Draw your design or pattern onto the wood.

How does a scroll saw work on a work table?

A scroll saw is, in essence, a powered fret saw or coping saw. A short blade runs through a hole in a work table. The blade is supported at top and bottom by an arm. The arm moves up and down at high speed, creating the sawing action. The work piece is fed into the blade, guided by the operator's hands.

Can you add speed control to a scroll saw?

You can't, to my knowledge, add a speed control as an aftermarket accessory. Possibly THE most important decision to make when buying a scroll saw is whether to get a machine that takes "pin-end" blades, or regular "flat" blades. Ease of blade changing and tensioning with pin-end blades might be attractive, but read on to find out all the facts...

What kind of arm does a scroll saw have?

There are three kinds of arm: A C arm has a single pivot point at the rear, so this type of saw cuts in a slight arc. These scroll saws cut very aggressively, and tend to “run on” when the blade breaks. It's a commercial design, and it's unlikely you'll come across one. Parallel arm is the most common type.


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