What is handheld trim saw

What kind of Saw do you use to cut trim?

Radial Arm Saw —A variation of the chop saw, this one is ideal for precise cuts. You pull the saw across the work piece instead of pulling it down. Miter Box and Hand Saw —This is not a mechanical saw, but one that is hand powered. A good choice for larger trim work, but not for intricate precise angles.

What kind of work can you do with a hand saw?

Designed for manual precision, accuracy, and sharpness, our hand saws can cut through endless tasks. Whether you’re working with molding, trim, or cutting with or across the woodgrain, we have the tool for you.

What makes a good hand saw to cut drywall?

Cutting drywall and sheetrock The number of teeth on a hand saw is the most important feature that determines how it makes cuts. Saws with larger teeth are designed for faster, heavy-duty tasks. Smaller teeth work better for finer cuts on delicate surfaces.

What are the different types of hand saws?

Hand Saw Types 1 Rip. 2 Cross-Cut. 3 Panel (Short Cut or Box Saw). 4 Coping. 5 Back. 6 Pull. 7 Dovetail. 8 Keyhole. 9 Compass. 10 Drywall. 11 Hack Saw. 12 Door Jamb. 13 Laminate. Not sure what type of cut you're making? Check out our video What's That Cut Called? for answers. More ...


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