What is honda pole saw

How tall can a pole saw be on a golf course?

Reach branches up to 32 feet high without ever climbing a ladder! This pole saw is used at hundreds of golf courses, theme parks, and landscape companies around the country. This pole saw can telescope has an 8' smooth fiberglass handle, two internal aluminum extension tubes, and a quick, heavy-duty locking system.

Can a pole saw be used as a chainsaw?

Similar to the last product, the Earthwise CVPS43010 7-Amp Convertible model is incredibly versatile, with the ability to convert from a pole saw to a chainsaw in under a minute. If you’re looking for a budget product that you can use to not only trim your trees but also use to accomplish an array of household tasks, then this is it.

How long does a cordless pole saw last?

Cordless pole saws get their energy from a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The power that comes with this battery will depend on the model and type of battery included, but no matter which one you get, expect anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of runtime.

Can a pole saw cut without a lubricant?

However, a well-lubricated pole saw should be capable of cutting without any problem at all. If the chain and bar are not well lubricated, gradually the friction caused. As a result, it will damage both the guide bar and the chain. Another amazing feature of echo pole saw is its improved gearbox.


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