What is husqvarna 530ip4

Is there an iPad app for Husqvarna Construction?

HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION CATALOGUE FOR iPAD The future is digital, also for this product catalogue. The new iPad app version is the foremost source of product updates from Husqvarna for news-seeking construction professionals.

Can a Husqvarna be used in all weather conditions?

This battery-powered Husqvarna machine fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance. This makes it a long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions. Choose between normal or savE™ mode, depending on conditions, for maximum power or maximum runtime. Either way, you’ll always get a perfect result.

Which is the best Husqvarna speed mower to buy?

Husqvarna's new battery-powered chainsaws, T540i XP® and 540i XP® deliver power on par with a professional 40cc petrol chainsaws, as well as unparalleled convenience, precision and durability. Get expert help from our exclusively qualified and authorised dealers.


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