What is ls1040

What kind of trades can a ls1040 saw do?

The LS1040 is engineered for a broad range of trades, including finish carpenters, professional woodworkers, case and base installers, cabinet installers, decking and flooring applications, siding installers, general contractors seeking a best-in-class 10” compound miter saw for the jobsite or the benchtop. [Read More...] Max.

What kind of motor does Makita ls1040 use?

The direct drive motor with soft start delivers smoother start-ups and constant power, with no belts to slip or replace. Precise Miter and Bevel Cuts The LS1040 has a dual post compound pivot arm, with bevel cuts up to 45° to the left.

Is the Makita ls1017 sliding compound saw the same model?

The Makita LS1017 sliding compound saw has the same design. Both models on display in my local Bunnings were also missing these bottoms so obviously poor design. This design defect is disappointing for a $400 product. Shame!


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