What is ls1216l

What's the difference between Makita ls1216l and LS 1219l?

You can make adjustments easily in Makita ls1216l compared to Makita ls1219l. Makita ls1216l cuts through soft aluminum as well as steel apart from wood.

How tall is the ls1216l / 2 dual sliding fence?

The LS1216L/2 has electronic brake and soft start for smooth start-ups. Includes a dust bag for a cleaner work environment. The 140mm tall dual sliding fence system features versatile upper and lower fence adjustments for more precise mitre and bevel cuts.

What makes Makita ls1216l compound miter saw better?

The LS1216L has a patented 4-Steel Rail Sliding System that requires less rear space than competitor dual sliding miter saws. The see-through blade guard system provides greater visibility of blade and line of cut, and has a one-step blade change process for increased efficiency.


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