What is m18 fuel circular saw

What kind of power does M18 fuel circular saw have?

Our M18 FUEL™ Rear Handle 7-1/4” Circular Saw is designed for the professional carpenter, remodeler, and general contractor. The circular saw can generate the power of 15amp corded saws, cut faster than 15amp corded worm drive saws and provide you with up to 570 cuts per charge.

Is the Milwaukee M18 fuel rear handle circular saw 18V?

The Milwaukee 2830 M18 Fuel Rear-Handle circular saw still runs at 18V, but it has an upgraded PowerState brushless motor and electronics dialed in to pull more power from Milwaukee’s High Output batteries. These packs are able to deliver more power to the tool than Milwaukee’s standard M18 batteries. Read our full review here.

How many tools are in the M18 fuel system?

The M18 System includes 150+ tools, and is a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in technology to deliver breakthrough solutions for our users.

How long does it take to charge a M18 circular saw?

With the kitted 8.0 Ah battery, the M18 cordless metal circular saw cuts through 120 ft of corrugated decking on a single charge. Plus, should you run through the battery over the course of the day, the kitted rapid charger gets you back to a full charge in around an hour.


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