What is makita 2708

How big is a Makita 2708 table saw?

I'm a total newbie.To the site and to real woodworking. I have a 8.5" makita 2708 table saw andI would like to know if it is worth adding to and fixing or I should go new. It is in ok condition. The fence always sucked. The tape that acted as a ruler is torn and hurting.

Can you cut miters on a Makita 2703?

2) Cutting miters on the 2703 is an even more awkward affair, given the sloppy fit in the miter slot and the cheaply-made miter accessory. 3) While touted as powerful, the 2703's motor has bogged down, blown fuses, etc. when ripping 1 x pine stock against its substandard fence.

Where can I buy Makita cordless power equipment?

ONLY AVAILABLE AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICES MAY VARY BY LOCATION AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Makita ® LXT ® Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment is the world's largest professional cordless outdoor power equipment system,* offering more solutions in more categories.

Who is Makita and what do they do?

Makita, a wealth of experience in outdoor power equipment. Makita, known internationally for quality and innovation within the powertool industry have also a long and illustrious history running through the outdoor power market.


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