What is makita 5007mg

What are the applications of the Makita 5007mg?

Other applications include plunge and bevel cutting. The 5007MG includes a Makita 7-1/4” Premium Ultra-Coated Framing Blade with Advance Tooth Design. The "M" shaped tooth design features a two-pointed tip and two 10 degree bevel face to maximize cutting performance for a faster, cleaner and longer lasting cut.

What kind of motor does a Makita circular saw use?

The Makita 5007MG 7-1/4 in. Magnesium Circular Saw features highly durable magnesium components and a powerful 15 AMP Makita-built industrial motor. The 5007MG seamlessly balances weight, power, durability, and ease of use, making it the most refined circular saw on the market.

What can Makita cordless products do for You?

With over 100 years of motor engineering and over 40 years of cordless innovation, Makita’s leading cordless technology offers freedom from the cord for maximum convenience, access to hard-to-reach spaces, and completing jobs quickly and easily. Cover more space in less time and increase productivity with Makita’s wide range of cordless products.

Where can I find the Makita instruction manual?

Go to "Resources & Media" section towards the bottom fo the page. PDF files of the Instruction Manual or Parts Breakdown can be downloaded here. If the Instruction Manual or Parts Breakdown is not listed please contact the National Call center, located in Buford, Georgia, at (800)462-5482.


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