What is makita mini circular saw

How big is a Makita cordless circular saw?

Since it is still an 18V model, the weight is on the lighter side and is roughly 7.3 lbs (with a battery) connected. The XSH03Z has an led light, an electric brake, a battery indicator light on the tool and uses a brushless motor. Other features that really make it stand out are the bevel capability and the metal blade guard.

What's the purpose of a mini circular saw?

Before you do, it is worth knowing just the basic facts about mini circular saws. The main purpose of any compact saw is to be able to do basic rip cuts, cross cuts and/or plunge cuts. You can buy these as either corded or cordless (cordless are more expensive)

What kind of cuts can a circular saw make?

Thanks to that we are able to not only cut through soft materials like wood or plastic, but also through steel and aluminium! What’s more, we can hope for 0-45 degree bevel cuts. Another excellent feature that will surely increase its rating among users is multi-functional blade.

What's the difference between Makita and Hilti circular saws?

The big difference of course, is that it is running a 7-1/4″ blade rather than the 6-1/2″ than most do. Hilti and Makita also run a 7-1/4″ blade, but to pull it off, their profiles are much larger.


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