What is makita mini saw

What kind of chain saw does Makita make?

Makita is meeting demand with an expanding line of cordless OPE, including the 18V LXT Brushless 10” Top Handle Chain Saw (model XCU06Z).

What can I do with a Makita circular saw?

Makita or dewalt. you take the screw out of the laser bit - open the casing and replace the button battery, 2 second job. I liked this while it worked and had no issues cutting up ply for boxing, then the safety gauge broke and it was unusable - sent back for a refund. for occasional use I would probably buy again at the same price.

What kind of wood can a mini saw cut?

It can still cut wood, metal, plastic and tile with ease thanks to the 3500 speed. The thinner blade size allows the saw to work for longer with less strain. Since the mini saw is only 4.4 pounds, it makes it easy to operate it for an extended period without fatigue.

What can a mini circular saw be used for?

What is a mini circular saw used for? A mini circular saw is used for small projects and is perfect for confined spaces. They are handheld, compact, lightweight and can harness enough power and speed to cut through materials such as sheet metal, tile and wood among others.


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