What is makita pole saw chainsaws

What are the features of a Makita pole saw?

It has a 10 in. reversible sprocket nose bar for efficient pruning. Efficiency features include a translucent bar oil tank with adjustable automatic chain lubrication, with a steel drive shaft engineered for lower vibration and longer service life.

What kind of chain saw does Makita make?

With the combined legacy and engineering experience of Dolmar GmbH, the world's original manufacturer of gas chain saws, Makita offers an expanding line of chain saws for professional, farm and ranch, and occasional use.

Can a cordless pole saw be used as a chainsaw?

However, cordless pole saws also suffer from the disadvantage of being dependent upon the charging the battery. If you are out cutting in the battery drains, you will have no opportunity to charge it again unless you get near an electrical outlet. Gas-powered pole saws the final type that we will discuss.

Do you need chain cover for Makita pole saw couple shaft attachment?

Yes, the EY401MP 10" Pole Saw Couple Shaft Attachment do include a 10" Chain Cover (452093-7). Does this fit the regular 18v trimmer?


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