What is makita table saw 2703

Is the Makita 2703 a good table saw?

The bevel adjust has a pretty good rack-and-pinion design (metal, admittedly, would be better). All in all, this saw strikes a nice balance between weight (only 40 pounds) and vibration (minimal). Simply put, the Makita 2703 is a solid saw, better for the job site (quick, powerful, lightweight) than the home shop.

What kind of motor does Makita table saw have?

This table saw from Makita is powerful and lightweight. It has a 15-amp motor with the capacity to rip 4x material in a single pass, while still cutting smoothly. It has an electric brake to ensure immediate and controlled modifications while working on the broad 27 x 22-inch table.

What is the warranty on Makita Lithium Ion cordless power tools?

What is the warranty on Makita Lithium-Ion cordless tools? Each Makita Lithium-Ion Power Tool, Battery and Charger is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of THREE YEARS from the date of original purchase.

Which is better a Makita or a DeWalt circular saw?

DeWalt and Makita both offer several cordless and corded circular saws however, when it comes to the corded and cordless options, Makita cordless tools tend to do better. For more information on cordless circular saws click here.


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