What is maxtra pole saw

What kind of engine does a Maxtra pole saw have?

The MAXTRA comes with a 42.7cc 2-cycle gas engine that is powerful to prune a lot of tree branches with ease. The 10-inch bar and chain help you trim branches that are up to 8-inches in thickness. What is the pole reach?

Which is the best pole saw to use?

The best tool for pruning hard to reach branches and do it fast is with the help of a pole saw. And if you’re looking for one that will give you great cutting power and portability then it has to be the best gas pole saw. What is a gas pole saw? A gas pole saw is a tool that has a gas-powered chainsaw attached at the end of a long pole.

Which is lighter Poulan Pro or Maxtra pole saw?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP weighs about 20 lbs, which is lighter than the 27 lbs MAXTRA. Though the weight is well-distributed on both the tools. It also has an automatic oiling system similar to the MAXTRA. This helps keep the bar and chain oiled and ready to go.

Can a pole saw be used for tree trimming?

But they have dense limbs and broken branches that need regular pruning. A pole saw is the ultimate tool for pruning tree branches from the safety of the ground. Coming with a long pole to reach heights that wouldn’t be possible with a chainsaw, pole saws make the tree trimming process faster, efficient, and safer.


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