What is metabo circular saw

What's the brake on a Metabo power tool?

The mechanical disc brake brakes the disc after switching off within a matter of seconds - also when the power is interrupted. Falling tools are a safety risk when working at great heights.

What makes Metabo cutting and grinding discs safe?

Quality is the be-all and end-all, even when it comes to safety. Metabo offers the right cutting and grinding discs for any application. The discs are manufactured according to the highest safety standards and exceed international standards and safety requirements. This guarantees highest quality and safety.

How does the Metabo angle grinder prevent accidents?

It reduces the risk of accidents in case of a power-cut or if somebody removes then reinserts the plug into the power supply with the switch still on. If the power supply is interrupted and restored the angle grinder has to be manually switched off and switched on again to prevent unintentional restart. Protects against accidents on start up.

What are the safety features of a Metabo?

With safety functions such as an extremely effective braking system, a mechanical safety clutch and an anti-vibration system, Metabo supports you 365 days a year to work without accidents. With the controlled and gentle soft start, the machine ramps up smoothly to its maximum speed.


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