What is milwaukee band saw

How big is a Milwaukee Deep Cut Band saw?

Milwaukee's Deep Cut Portable Band Saws have a cutting capacity of 4-3/4 in. x 4-3/4 in. With high torque and powerful motor this band saw will maintain a steady, optimum blade speed. The excellent balance, high visibility and quick blade change system make this band saw easy to work with.

Is the Milwaukee M12 compact band saw extreme metal?

To meet these needs, we created the M12 Compact Band Saw with an increased cut capacity over our existing M12 Band Saw and harnessed the power of Fuel Technology all within a 6 lb. band saw. The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Band Saw also comes with the Extreme Metal Compact Band Saw Blades.

What makes a band saw a good tool?

The variable speed control dial allows the user to match the speed of the application. Being one of the fastest band saws on the market, this power tool easily cuts multiple metal materials. Despite its powerful nature, the motor doesn't produce too many vibrations. The onboard wrench storage makes the stopper plate adjustment quick and easy.

How big is a Milwaukee M18 fuel band saw?

The MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ Compact Band Saw offers a light-weight, balanced design with the largest cutting capacity of any compact band saw at 3-1/4” X 3-1/4”. Learn More


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