What is milwaukee m18 chop saw

Is the Milwaukee M18 fuel a cordless saw?

Milwaukee recently took their “cordless job site” goal to the next level by releasing the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Model 2734-21 . Until now miter saws have been an AC (corded) dominant power tool and for good reason.

Which is part of the M18 Tool System?

All M18 FUEL™ tools are part of the M18™ system of over 175 performance driven, trade focused solutions. The flagship of the M18™ System, M18 FUEL™, is engineered for the most demanding tradesmen in the world.

What kind of blade does a Milwaukee miter saw have?

Since Milwaukee includes a nice 60-tooth carbide blade, it furthers the impression that the company is targeting the trim carpenter with this tool. Miter cuts are easy, and the Milwaukee M18 miter saw has a very familiar mechanism that’s simple to use. The deck has a stainless steel detent plate, and there are 11 miter locks with an override.

How many cross cuts does a miter saw make?

Just one battery delivers around 400 cross cuts of 2×4 on the Milwaukee 2734-21HD miter saw.


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