What is milwaukee sawzall reciprocating saw

Which is the best Milwaukee reciprocating Sawzall to buy?

And one of the best corded Milwaukee Sawzall is the 6519-31 12 amp model. It combines the power, Long-stroke length, and minimal vibrations. It felt very well balanced in my hands, and the contoured rear handle made for a comfortable grasp. To make things less complicated, the speed of the blade is controlled using the trigger.

Why is a reciprocating saw called a Sawzall?

Let’s look into these tools closely below. Reciprocating saws are often called ‘recip’ saws, or by the Milwaukee branded name, Sawzall. These type of saws are named so, due to the backwards and forth motion known as ‘strokes’.

How to pick the best reciprocating saw tool?

How to Pick the Best Sawzall Tool Reciprocating saw is a power tool used for heavy-duty cutting jobs such as demolition jobs, remodeling work, renovation, tree pruning etc. Also known as Sawzall, reciprocating saws with the right type of blades are workhorses that can chop through materials like wood, plastic, metal and even times and bricks.

What are the specs of a Milwaukee 12 amp Sawzall?

Milwaukee 12-Amp Sawzall Specs 1 Model Number: 6519-31 2 Strokes Per Minute: 3000 3 Stroke Length: 1-1/8″ 4 Keyless/Keyed Blade Change: Keyless 5 Adjustable Shoe: Yes 6 Variable Speed: Yes 7 Orbital Action: No 8 Cord Length: 96″ 9 Weight: 7.1 lbs 10 Warranty: 5 years More items...


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