What is milwaukee super sawzall

Is the Milwaukee 15 amp Super Sawzall cordless?

The Milwaukee 15-amp Super Sawzall is the top-of-the-line corded model from the company that invented the tool in the first place. Cordless models have come a long way since the 6538-21 was first launched, but this beast of a demolition tool is still one of the fastest-cutting reciprocating saws available, period.

How much does a Milwaukee M18 fuel Super Sawzall cost?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Super Sawzall Specifications. Model: Milwaukee 2722-21HD. Power Source: Milwaukee M18 battery (12.0 Ah High Output included in kit) Stoke Length: 1-1/4″. Max Stroke Rate: 3000 RPM. Weight: 8.8 pounds bare, 12.3 pounds with 12.0 Ah battery. Warranty: 5 years. Price: $398.50.

What's the average cutting speed of a Milwaukee Sawzall?

The M18 Fuel model slowed even more, finishing first in its class at 12.20 seconds. Shifting to 2″ EMT, Milwaukee’s cutting speed remained excellent… and also slightly behind Skilsaw. Its 3.73-second average was a mere 0.28 seconds off the lead and a little more than half a second ahead of the M18 Fuel.

Is the Milwaukee 2722 Super Sawzall a good saw?

While the front handle overmold has more cushioning than most saws we’ve tested, it’s performance justifies the size. The Milwaukee 2722 looks impressive on paper. The 3000 SPM stroke rate puts it near the top and the 1-1/4″ stroke length matches the best that’s out there right now.

Milwaukee M18FSX-0 M18 FUEL Super Sawzall

The M18 FUEL™ Super Sawzall® delivers the power to cut at the same speed as an equivalent AC reciprocating saw – with the ability to cut 150 pieces of 290 …


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