What is milwaukee worm drive saw

Which is the best worm drive circular saw?

The Milwaukee 2830 finished with the highest score in our algorithm, making it the best cordless worm drive based on how we prioritized the overall package. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Rear Handle Circular Saw may be one of the most highly anticipated tools ever.

When was the first worm drive saw made?

Skilsaw developed the first worm drive saw in the mid-1920s. The motor sat behind the blade, making the tool relatively long and narrow. Worm drive saws still carry this design today. The centerline of the motor sits in-line with the handles, parallel to the plane of the saw blade.

What makes a worm drive saw spin faster?

In a worm drive saw, the motor transfers the power to the blade through a threaded worm drive down the shaft which turns the pair of gears oriented at 90-degree angle from each other. This causes the saw to spin in reduced rotational speed but with better torque.

Is there a rafter hook on a worm drive circular saw?

Thankfully, a company called Toolhangers Unlimited has come to the rescue and produced a quality spring-loaded retractable rafter hook that fits all word drive circular saws, but more specifically, all Skilsaw worm drive circular saws. Why the need to name-drop Skilsaw, because if you own a worm drive circular saw, it's likely a Skilsaw worm drive.


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