What is mini plunge saw

What kind of plunge Saw do I Need?

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What can you do with a mini circular saw?

This saw is a good choice ideal for cutting work pieces to length or for jobs like trimming laminate or tiles. With the important plunge cut function, it can also cut recesses for plug sockets or cable ducts. This plunge cut feature is activated by touching down the saw and then lowering the saw blade to cut out the desired area or to saw grooves.

What kind of wood can a mini saw cut?

It can still cut wood, metal, plastic and tile with ease thanks to the 3500 speed. The thinner blade size allows the saw to work for longer with less strain. Since the mini saw is only 4.4 pounds, it makes it easy to operate it for an extended period without fatigue.

Why is a plunge saw called a track saw?

You may not be familiar with the name “plunge saw.” That’s because it is a less common title for the popular “track saw.” This alternative name alludes to the capacity for this power saw to make reliable, straight plunge cuts as it slides along a fixed track.


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