What is mini reciprocating saw

What can you cut with a mini reciprocating saw?

You can work with plaster, drywall, softwood, hardwood, plastic, and metals. But due to its small size and decreased power exertion, a mini, one handed sawzall is not a good choice for cutting thick workpieces and denser materials like masonry, concrete or cast iron.

What's the difference between reciprocating and all saws?

Reciprocating saws, also called recip saws, recipro saws, or even saws-all, is a powerful and versatile handheld saw that can cut through wood, metal, masonry, fiberglass, and more. Reciprocating means that the cutting action is achieved through the alternating or push and pull motion, of the blade.

Where can I get a reciprocating saw for free?

Reciprocating Saws | Saws | Screwfix.com Choose from a great range of Reciprocating Saws from Screwfix.com. Powerful cutting action through a variety of materials. Free next day delivery available.

Which is the best reciprocating saw for flush cutting?

The DWE305 corded reciprocating saw features the tool only. With 17.5 inches of length, this power tool features a 4-position blade clamp for easy flush cutting, a powerful 12-amp motor that works with 0-2,900 strokes per minute.


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