What is miter cut

Which is the best way to describe a miter cut?

A miter cut makes an angle from one side edge of the wood to the other; think of a picture frame or the decorative wall trim around a door or window. A bevel cut is an angle along the edge or end of a workpiece, with the angle running from back to front or front to back; think of baseboard meeting at a wall corner.

Can a miter cut be done with a power tool?

Called a ‘Miter Cut’, it’s the process of cutting 2 parts that can be joined using a 45-degree angle to form a 90-degree edge. Wood and metal can both be mitered and can be done with either hand or power tools. Using a hand tool to miter is more accurate while using a power tool is faster and more convenient.

What kind of miter saw is used for cross cutting?

Standard miter saw – A powered version designed generally for making cross cuts on a piece of work at a wide range of angles. Compound-miter saw or single compound miter saw. In addition to spinning to change the angle of the cut, the saw can be tilted in one direction to cut, essentially, two angles on the board.

How are the ends of a miter joint cut?

Commonly, as for painting and picture frames, the two ends of the two boards are cut at a 45-degree angle and placed next to one another to form a corner of the frame. However, the angles can and do vary. In essence, a miter joint is like a bisected butt joint.


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