What is mitre chop saw

What's the difference between a miter saw and chop saw?

This is understandable, as they both do the same thing, and look similar. Basically, a chop saw is a stripped-down version of a miter saw. As the name suggests, the saw can only “chop,” as in making a downward motion, and that’s it. Miter saws can rotate to cut at angles, and sometimes make bevel cuts as well.

Can a miter saw be used in a workshop?

A miter saw is a must for any home workshop, and these seriously smart tips and tricks will show you how to use it in ways you’ve never thought of before. Cutting small parts on a miter saw is dangerous. There’s typically a wide gap between the fence halves as well as in the throat plate.

What kind of cut does a mitre saw make?

A mitre cut is an angled cut along the width of the material. This cut can be made at different angles such as 30, 45 degrees etc. However it will have a straight edge. Typically used for picture framing and door framing. This is a cut along the thickness of the material.

Which is the acute angle on a miter saw?

That means when they visualize the miter, they’ll be starting off on the right foot! A 22 1/2 degrees angle is an ACUTE angle. You can’t cut that miter on a miter saw without an acute angle jig. Miter saws didn’t always come with miter saw gauges that were set 90 degrees off from protractors.


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