What is mitre gauge

What do you need to know about a miter gauge?

A good miter gauge is a highly precise piece of equipment that may cost several hundred dollars. Top-quality miter gauges are precise down to fractions of a degree. A miter gauge consists of a long thin metal guide that rides in the miter slot in the table of your saw.

What is the KREG precision miter gauge system?

Plus, the Precision Miter Gauge System offers a long, anodized-aluminum fence and stop system that let you easily make accurate, repeatable cuts. Perfect Miters, Fast! Precision is the name of the game for this CNC-milled miter gauge.

Which is the acute angle on a miter saw?

That means when they visualize the miter, they’ll be starting off on the right foot! A 22 1/2 degrees angle is an ACUTE angle. You can’t cut that miter on a miter saw without an acute angle jig. Miter saws didn’t always come with miter saw gauges that were set 90 degrees off from protractors.

How do you make a cross cut with a miter gauge?

To make a cross-cut: Slide the miter gauge backwards (toward your body) to the front edge of the saw table, and place a board against the flat edge of the gauge. Make a pencil mark on the wood where you want to make the cross-cut, and align that mark with the saw blade (while keeping the board flat against the miter gauge).

Buy Mitre Gauges – Timbecon

Mitre Gauges. Please view products below or select from one of … $99.00 (inc GST). Incra Miter 1000 High Definition Metric Mitre Guide.

Miter Gauges – INCRA TOOLS

INCRA manufactures the only Miter Gauges in the world that are accurate enough to produce gap-free hairline glue joints on the mitered corners of any …

Rockler Precision Miter Gauge

Keep your corners straight and your miters tight, your boxes square and your frames right, with the Rockler Precision Miter Gauge.


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