What is mitre saw chop saws

Can a miter saw be used as a chop saw?

Another type of saw that can also be used as a miter saw is the radial arm saw, which slides horizontally across the wood. Although both miter saw and chop saw accept wood- and metal-cutting blades, the term “miter saw” is specifically used in woodworking while the term “chop saw” is used more in building sites or production shops.

Which is the most important part of a miter saw?

A miter saw is one of the most important tools that you can find in any woodworking workshop. Of course, the part of the miter saw that makes it functional is the blade. The blades of a miter saw come in various shapes and sizes to serve different purposes.

Are there different types of compound miter saws?

Compound miter saws can be adjusted to make both miter and bevel cuts, and even with that, there are a couple of different options. There are two types of compound miter saws: single bevel and dual bevel.

Can a miter saw make 90 degree cuts?

This is something like a miter saw – except with no ability to pivot the arm and blade. Meaning a chop saw can only make straight 90 degree cuts. They’re not so common these days, as a miter saw is more capable and of comparable price.


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