What is multifunctional circular saw

What kind of work can circular saw do?

There are different types of circular saw blades and each are specifically designed for a particular material which they are intended to cut and in cutting wood are specifically designed for making rip cuts cross-cuts, or a combination of the two. They are very useful for many different jobs.

What kind of motor does a mini circular saw use?

The 7.5 amp motor provides plenty of power to cut through hardwoods, tile, brick, PVC pipe, and even metal without straining the motor! This kit comes with 4 different blades that are each created for a particular purpose: wood, metal, masonry, and a special blade to make flush wood cuts.

What's the speed of a circular saw blade?

The power of circular saws consists of both the speed and the power of the blade. As you can imagine, a faster spinning blade, say with an RPM of 3500 on average to 4500 amount of power can help you cut through your pieces more quickly and much more easily.

Where can I get a circular saw for free?

Circular Saws | Saws | Screwfix.com Choose from a large range of Circular Saws at Screwfix.com. Powerful, portable, accurate cutting from top trade brands. Free next day delivery available.


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