What is pole pruning saw

Which is the best type of pole Pruner?

Pole Pruner – A pole pruning saw comes attached to a long handheld pole that makes it easier to reach deeper branches and prune further. Handheld Pruning Saws – The most common type due to its small, portable and versatile nature. Used for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Why do you need a pole saw for tree trimming?

For one, the ability to handsaw a branch gives you a better amount of control as to how it’s cut, which comes in handy when trimming and pruning trees without damaging them. Every professional arborist has a manual pole saw; you can bet on that.

What do you use a pruning saw for?

Pruning saws are used for cutting green wood and thick branches. They have aggressive teeth and are generally curved. You should always make sure you have a good grip on the saw, so that you don’t slip and cut the wrong bit – or worse, yourself.

Can a chainsaw be used as a pole saw?

The chainsaw, in some pole saws, could be detachable and used for regular tree cutting operations as well. The pole attached to the chainsaw can be extended so your reach is comfortable while pruning the tree branches.


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