What is portable band saw blades

What do you need to know about a band saw?

Most band saws also come with a fence, used for resawing, and a miter gauge to use when cross-cut sawing. Band saw blades ride on rubber- covered wheels. It is important to have proper blade tension to match the blade width. Band saw blades are also available in a variety of sizes and tooth styles.

What kind of blade do you use on a bandsaw?

For most metal cutting work, use the raker pattern. But if you are cutting thin work sections, such as tubing, angles, and channels, then consider using a blade with the wave tooth pattern. At least three teeth of the bandsaw blade must contact the workpiece at all times to prevent chatter and shearing off teeth due to tooth overload.

Can a portable bandsaw be used to cut tubing?

Few tools can make a job of cutting metal tubing or other stock easier than a bandsaw. On those occasions when the stock cannot be brought to the machine, portable bandsaws offer the option of taking the machine to the work. Here are some basic steps for using this versatile and portable power tool.

What's the cutting capacity of a portable band saw?

You’ll typically find that using a portable band saw will result in a cleaner and squarer cut than would a reciprocating saw. Capacity - Remember, the material you are cutting needs to fit within the throat of the machine so most have a cutting capacity of around 4 inches.


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