What is r4514

How did they do it, rigid r4518?

How did they do it? ..... they learned about "their" saw and how to use "it", they kept sharp blades on it, they kept the fence aligned and they had tables in their home shops into which they placed the saw (when not on the jobsite), essentially making it into a much larger surface area saw.

Is the r4514 table saw out of alignment?

New owner of a R4514. I too have discovered that while mounted on the delightful stand, the table is warped out of alignment. Even when not on the stand I find that the right side dips even before it hits the extension panel for the table.

Is the rigid r4514 a heavy duty saw?

The Rigid r4514 is a heavy-duty saw with a 5000RPM motor. Being powerful does not make it heavy. It has an improved folding stand that makes it portable. The set-up is easy and quick.

Do you need insert for r4512 table saw?

This device is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a R4512 table saw -- the insert fits perfectly, is stable, well constructed, tough, and is a no-brainer for anyone with this power tool. This insert is a major improvement over the stock metal insert which ships with the table saw.


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