What is reciprocating pole saw

What can a reciprocating saw be used for?

While many people reach straight for the pruning shears when it comes time to do pruning work, a reciprocating saw can usually make quicker work of the job. Reciprocating saws can be used to handle a variety of pruning tasks, from cutting down tree branches to trimming hedges and cutting back vines.

How does a pole saw work on a pole?

As you probably guessed, these types of pole saws are operated by moving the saw blade back and forth across the object by hand, just as you would with any other hand saw — only this one is on the end of a pole. This is rather primitive but still very effective.

Can a cordless pole saw be used for maintenance?

As it is a cordless model, obviously you’re not going to be held back (literally) by staying plugged into the wall. Instead, this design comes with a powerful 80V battery that allows you to work quickly and efficiently. With just one charge, you should be able to complete all the maintenance your trees need.

What is the stroke rate of a reciprocating saw?

As the motion of a reciprocating saw is a back-and-forth motion, the stroke rate is how many times within a minute the blade will run in these motions. If you have a reciprocating saw that has an SPM of 2,800 – this means that the blade will run backwards and forwards 2,800 times within the minute.


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