What is resaw bandsaw

Can a bandsaw blade be used for resawing?

If your bandsaw can’t accept such wider blades, use the widest possible blade you can use on your bandsaw for resawing. Resawing is the process of cutting the wood across the thickness and along the length to produce two thinner slabs of wood. You can resaw manually or with the help of a machine.

What does resaw capacity on a band saw mean?

This also means that the distance from the inside face of the saw blade to the vertical post or beam of the saw will be roughly 18". Resaw capacity refers to the distance from the visible-m-inlineop to the highest point that the saw guide can be lifted to.

What can you do with a bandsaw in a workshop?

One of the critical tools you must consider when setting up a workshop or a creative studio is a bandsaw. For most people, the perfect definition of a bandsaw is a scaled-down sawmill. Therefore, you can do many artistic things with a bandsaw compared to other tools in a workshop.

Is the Laguna resaw King a good bandsaw?

Even though the RK has a narrow gauge backer it still needs quite a bit of pressure to get to 30k. If you notice when he maxed his tension out the quality of cut got better. This points to the issue with many bandsaws, they have a scale with blade widths to tension by.


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