What is ridgid miter saw

How much does a Ridgid compound miter saw cost?

6 months* financing on this $499.00 purchase*. Offering bevel cuts in both directions, this RIDGID 12 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Adjustable Laser helps you maximize your productivity with a heavy duty 15 Amp motor. The saw has a 0° to 61° miter range that accommodates a wide variety of cuts with crown moulding.

Is there dust collection port on Ridgid compound miter saw?

When you’re cutting close to the maximum capacity, it can block the blade from going all the way back or dropping all the way down. Just give it a quick wipe down to avoid any issues. The Ridgid 10″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw includes a standard bag that attaches to the dust collection port for the smaller jobs.

What are the different types of miter saws?

The current generation of these saws have improved dramatically and excel at three different kinds of cuts: miter, bevel and compound. A compound cut involves cutting both the miter and bevel cuts in one stroke.

Is the RIDGID ms1290lza sliding miter saw being produced?

Please know that the MS1290LZA is currently not being produced, and that a new RIDGID sliding miter saw model is possible in the future, but no information exists at this time to confirm anything regarding a possible new model. Regards, RIDGID


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