What is sawstop contractor saw

What can you do with a SawStop contractor saw?

The Contractor Saw is SawStop's most configurable saw with over 150 different arrangements. Some of these upgrades include adding Cast Iron Wings (CNS-CIWA) to create a full cast iron table top, a space saving 27" In-Line Router Table (RT-TGP) or Sliding Crosscut Table Attachment (TSA-SA48).

How much does a SawStop industrial table saw cost?

Offering the same three rip capacity lengths as the Contractor, the Professional features a 40-tooth, professional grade blade of 10 inches. Starting at $2449, this table saw is definitely a bit more of an investment. Lastly, the Industrial is SawStop’s top tier line.

Who is the inventor of the SawStop table saw?

The inventor of the SawStop Table Saw is passionate about preventing table saw accidents. His greatest contribution to state-of-the-art tablesaw technology is the SawStop table saw’s unique safety system which stops the sawblade in less than 5 milliseconds after coming in contact with a woodworker’s hand or finger.

Which is the best line of SawStop to buy?

Lastly, the Industrial is SawStop’s top tier line. Ideal for serious craftsmen and professionals, this table saw is the heaviest duty one you may have ever seen.


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