What is sawstop inline router table

How does the SawStop in line router table work?

SawStop's lift is pretty beefy underneath with four large screws and a chain drive moving the router up and down. The clamp to hold the router is aluminum, and it clamps on the router motor with a single screw, which makes it quick and easy to get the router in and out.

What kind of rails do I need for my SawStop router?

Introducing the new SawStop family of Router Tables. In this suite of options, you will find in-line cast iron table solutions* custom fit for your SawStop Cast Iron Table Saw, as well as floor-standing and benchtop models with choice of cast iron or phenolic tables. *For saws without RT-ready rails, retrofit rails are available and required.

Can a SawStop table be used as an extension table?

Optimize your SawStop saw with this In-Line Router Table Assembly. On a Professional or Industrial Cabinet Saw, install this beautiful Cast Iron Table between the rails in place of your extension table (for saws without RT-ready rails, retrofit rails are available and required).

How can I buy a SawStop table saw online?

To buy online you must first choose the 'Direct ship' option. An additional $ will be added to your total to cover shipping costs. Prices from U.S. lower 48 states, Canada and Australia market areas may be shown depending on sawstop.com’s ability to detect the user’s location. Prices in other market areas are not represented.


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