What is sawstop portable table saw

What kind of power does a SawStop table saw have?

The standard in jobsite safety. Now you can have the precision, quality and safety of a SawStop saw wherever the job takes you. Versatility. Safety. True 1.75 HP power. Whether on the jobsite or in the shop, this saw delivers SawStop peace of mind with the performance you need.

Is the SawStop jobsite saw Pro A blade brake?

Now featuring dual dust ports, a bigger table and a new high/low fence feature, the SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO packs all of the safety of SawStop's revolutionary blade brake into a compact, portable table saw.

Are there any alternatives to a SawStop system?

SawStop sells table saws with a safety feature which causes the blade to descend and stop if it makes contact with someone's skin. Are there other options, similar to a SawStop system, available on the market today?

How does the safety system on a SawStop work?

SawStop's namesake safety system uses a one-time-use spring-loaded cartridge to push a perforated piece of aluminum into the blade and causes the blade's transferred rotational inertia to pull the blade below the table.


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