What is sawstop price

How much does a SawStop table saw cost?

SawStop introduced a saw for the benchtop table saw market in March of 2015. The saw weighs 79 pounds and retails for $1299, compared to other benchtop table saws of similar size, weight and features, (but for the injury mitigation system) selling for $500 - $600

Are there any alternatives to a SawStop system?

SawStop sells table saws with a safety feature which causes the blade to descend and stop if it makes contact with someone's skin. Are there other options, similar to a SawStop system, available on the market today?

What makes the contractor SawStop contractor saw so good?

CONFIGURABILITY: Over 150 unique configurations, makes the Contractor Saw the most configurable SawStop saw. Adding a mobile base, sliding crosscut table or router table, are just a few of the ways to make this your ideal saw. UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE: The Contractor Saw offers versatility, reliability and safety for a variety of users.

Is the SawStop brake on a table saw safe?

It’s important to note also that the SawStop brake alone does not make for a safe table saw. Kickback is still a threat, though the included riving knives go a long way to prevent that. As advanced as table saw safety has come, there is still no substitute for training, experience, good judgement and alertness.


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