What is sawstop sliding crosscut table

Can a sliding table be used as a SawStop?

The sliding table makes wide crosscuts easy and provides ample support for large panels without the need for roller stands; Though sheet goods are not my favourite, the scoring blade is a useful accessory. SawStop does not offer a saw with one;

What makes a sliding crosscut table so good?

Cut with confidence. Enjoy the finest crosscut experience available with the SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table. This meticulously-engineered table features multiple large bearings for smooth travel under load. Micro-adjust the tracks for smoothness and parallelism.

How does the safety system work on a SawStop?

Generally, the safety system will not activate when a nail or staple is cut. Although conductive, these objects are not large enough to cause the safety system to activate unless they are grounded to the table or operator when they contact the blade. How long does it take to change from a standard brake to a dado brake cartridge?

What kind of power tools do I need for a SawStop?

I have some good equipment (Hitachi compound Miter box, Dewalt surface planer, Hitachi router & table, and old Delta jointer, and an old (1970's), on-its-last-legs and loud-as-hell Delta hybrid table saw). I do not have two key pieces of equipment: Band saw and drill press. $1000 will buy a great band saw and a great drill press!


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