What is sawzall brand

Which is the best brand of Sawzall blades?

Editor’s Note: SawZall is the Milwaukee trademark name for a reciprocating saw. Thus, when we speak of the best SawZall blades, we mean the best Milwaukee-branded reciprocating saw blades. If the above options seem confusing—you’re in good company.

Which is the slowest Sawzall in the market?

You can check out the full detail of each test on our best reciprocating saw main page. In our nail-embedded wood test, Milwaukee cut the slowest. The range went from 12.86 seconds (Metabo HPT) to Milwaukee’s 28.86-second average. It’s a surprising result that was nearly 6 seconds slower than the next competitor up.

When did the Sawzall reciprocating saw come out?

The Sawzall was released by the Milwaukee Tool Co. in 1951. It is a reciprocating saw with a blade that extends straight outward from the end of a plastic or metal housing. Sawzall is a brand name, although many types of reciprocating saws have been released by many other power tool manufacturers over the decades since.

Where did the term Sawzall get its name?

Sawzall—though a registered trademark of Milwaukee Tool—is the term often used to describe any brand of reciprocating saw. It’s not hard to see how the nickname developed since a reciprocating saw indeed “saws all” materials.


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