What is sierra circular craftsman

What makes a craftsman circular saw so good?

This saw has a Spindle Lock mechanism for easy blade changes. With a premium grade magnesium shoe, metal upper and lower guard, This saw is made to withstand harsh jobsite conditions. The compact and lightweight design helps reduced fatigue while the contoured overmolded handle is optimized for comfort.

What kind of power tools do craftsman make?

Our full line of V20* cordless products include brushed and brushless power tools, outdoor power equipment, lights, radios, vacuums, and more. The growing family of V20* Brushless power tools and lawn care equipment is designed to help you do more. Which gives you more time to take pride in every accomplishment.

What should I wear to work with a circular saw?

If you have sensitive airways, strap on a dust mask or respirator to avoid inhaling sawdust. Along with your safety equipment, it’s a good idea to wear snug-fitting clothing and tie back long hair to prevent them from getting caught in the moving saw blade. Measure and mark your work material where you’ll be making your cuts.


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