What is skil band saw

How big is a 9 inch Skil band saw?

9 IN. Band Saw For cutting irregular shapes and ripping lumber into thinner pieces, novice woodworkers will find the new 3386 SKIL 9-inch Band Saw with Light is essential for their workshop. You'll cut through a variety of wood materials with the 6-TPI blade.

What kind of work can you do with a band saw?

Common Band Saw Uses 1 Woodworking. Well, obviously. ... 2 Ripping. Ripping lumber is a very popular use for band saws and one that they were intended for in the 1800s when first developed. 3 Metal Cutting. With the right blades, a band saw is highly effective and accurate for cutting various metal pieces.

Where does the blade of a band saw come from?

While the blade is continuously moving, only a small part of it is exposed in the cutting area. The blade comes up through the flat surface of the table, which is where the workpiece is moved into the saw to create cuts.

Is the Skil 3400 table saw a good cutting tool?

Browsing through all the customer reviews for the Skil 3400, this table saw is truly a great cutting tool from a legendary company. Users love it despite its small size. This is since it is suitable even for small shops and it delivers what is says it does. Amidst is size, it is a very powerful cutting tool to have around.


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