What is skil reciprocating saw

What can I do with a Skil reciprocating saw?

The Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw also includes a pivoting foot that gives you added stability when you are working on wood and other materials. Ideal for cutting, trimming, carving and other applications, this hand tool by Skil is ideal completing small projects around the house. .

What does reciprocating mean on a saw blade?

Reciprocating means that the cutting action is achieved through the alternating or push and pull motion, of the blade. There are many varieties of blades for these saws, each designed for a specific task.

What's the difference between a Skil saw and a skill saw?

Skil Saw is a brand of power tools, which includes a line of circular saws. People often refer to circular saws as Skil Saws, in the same way that people refer to facial tissues as Kleenex. Well, a skill saw (actually spelt skilsaw) is a type of circular saw.

Which is better a circular saw or a reciprocating saw?

Circular saws are great for precision cutting, but they can't cut in curves. This is where reciprocating saws come in. From cutting pipes to fitting a window, reciprocating saws are incredibly versatile tools, which is why we put 14 of them, primarily cordless models, to the test.


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