What is sliding mitre saw

What can a sliding miter saw be used for?

​Using a sliding miter saw provides you a range of applications for cutting. You can use a sliding miter saw to cut molding and trim work like a scroll saw. It provides plenty of versatility as it is able to slide back and forth so you can cut longer lengths of wood without having to flip the material over.

Can a miter saw make 90 degree cuts?

This is something like a miter saw – except with no ability to pivot the arm and blade. Meaning a chop saw can only make straight 90 degree cuts. They’re not so common these days, as a miter saw is more capable and of comparable price.

How big of a baseboard can a sliding miter saw cut?

The sliding compound miter saw can cut up to 16 inches wide baseboards. For those who do not want to cut more than 6 inches wide lumber, you do not need a sliding arm.

What's the difference between a miter saw and a compound saw?

A compound miter saw differs from a basic miter saw in that it can be used to make bevel cuts as well, which is basically a tilted cut. Compound miter saws can be adjusted to make both miter and bevel cuts, and even with that, there are a couple of different options. There are two types of compound miter saws: single bevel and dual bevel.


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