What is sliding table saw for sale

Can a sliding table be used as a SawStop?

The sliding table makes wide crosscuts easy and provides ample support for large panels without the need for roller stands; Though sheet goods are not my favourite, the scoring blade is a useful accessory. SawStop does not offer a saw with one;

How long does a Felder sliding table saw last?

The life of a panel saw is defined by the flawless functioning and precision of the sliding table. Felder gives you a 10 year guarantee on the perfect functioning of the Felder “X-Roll” sliding table guiding system and a 6 year guarantee on the tilt segment, “Easy-Glide”.

What's the maximum width for a sliding table saw?

The aluminum rails between the drawer slides stiffen the table considerably: The fence for the sliding table pivots on a point and clamps to the edge, to set it for any angle. It is quick and easy to remove when not needed: The table is marked for precise 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees. Maximum width of material for cutting at 45 degree is 11″.

What kind of cuts can a table saw make?

Your table saw is also capable of making a wide range of joint cuts outside of rabbits and grooves. Here is the list of regular parts made simpler and more precise by using your table saw: Lap, Dado, Finger, Reinforced miter, Tenon and Rabbet.


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