What is small cordless circular saw

What can you do with a cordless circular saw?

A cordless circular saw is perfect for cutting straight clean and true lines on heavy timber, sheet materials or man-made boards such as MDF. Jobs can be completed quick and easily with little mess. They are ideal for long continuous cuts along the grain of wood, also known as rip cutting, but also suitable to cut smaller boards such as plywood.

How big does a compact circular saw need to be?

A compact circular saw can also make bevel cut or angle cuts to the edge of the wood. The feature makes it more versatile. Asides the bevel cut, the size of the circular saw blade is essential. The ideal diameter of a compact saw should be 4 inches or a bit less.

Which is the best brand of circular saw?

Makita is a trusted brand name when you search what woodworkers and woodworking sites use for the job. They had been building high quality chainsaws for over 50 years. The small cordless Makita SH02r1 is one of the best in the circular saw line. The cordless design of this mini circular saw makes it easier to use.

How big is a Makita cordless circular saw?

Since it is still an 18V model, the weight is on the lighter side and is roughly 7.3 lbs (with a battery) connected. The XSH03Z has an led light, an electric brake, a battery indicator light on the tool and uses a brushless motor. Other features that really make it stand out are the bevel capability and the metal blade guard.


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