What is small jigsaw

How are Jigsaw activities used in the classroom?

A jigsaw activity is a cooperative learning technique where students work in groups to teach each other something. The groups are given an overall assignment, and each student in each group becomes an 'expert' on a smaller part of it.

How to make a jigsaw for cooperative learning?

Step 1: Form teams and assign a leader. Each group should be four students. There are eight parts of speech and each student will become an expert on two of the parts of speech. Step 2: The leader should help the group members each choose 2 parts of speech. You will probably need to group the parts of speech into two sections.

Do you meet with students from each jigsaw group?

To increase the chances that each report will be accurate, the students doing the research do not immediately take it back to their jigsaw group. Instead, they meet first with students who have the identical assignment (one from each jigsaw group).

How big does a Jigsaw class need to be?

Jigsaw Class size: 10-50 Time frame: 20 or more minutes Setting: moveable seating required, a lot of space preferable Purpose: learn concepts in-depth, develop teamwork, have students teaching students


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