What is small reciprocating saw

Can a reciprocating saw be used to cut trees?

There are two major constraints on the size of tree branches that a reciprocating saw can reasonably cut: Blade length: Because reciprocating saws are relatively small handheld tools, the blades attached to them are not long or wide enough to make powerful plunging cuts for thicker cuts of wood.

What kind of blade do I need for reciprocating saw?

Only one of the saws came with a metal cutting blade along with a wood/general use blade. To remedy this, we went out and purchased blades appropriate to the tasks: Diablo Demo Demon general purpose blades, Milwaukee general purpose blades, and Dewalt metal blades.

What kind of motor does a reciprocating saw use?

The cordless Dewalt reciprocating saw uses a 20-volt battery to power its brushless motor for variable speed cutting between 0 and 2,900-strokes per minute. You get a 1-⅛-inch stroke length, toolless blade replacement, lever-action four-position blade options and a LED light for dark cutting.

How do you make a plunge cut with a reciprocating saw?

Make a plunge cut by pressing the blade tip through the material. Set the bottom of the saw’s shoe against the material you’re cutting so the blade is parallel to the surface you’re cutting. Pull the trigger and tilt the saw up so the blade goes into the material at a 30- or 45-degree angle.


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