What is steel band saw

What kind of steel is a band saw made of?

Most blades -- band saw, flutes of a drill bit -- are made of tool steel. Criteria for the design of blades include: hot-hardness, resistance to thermal shock, lack of affinity between tool and workpiece, resistance to oxidation, and toughness.

What's the purpose of a fine band saw blade?

As you can guess from the name, the purpose of these kinds of blades is to make precise cuts. The higher number of teeth allows these blades to make small, accurate cuts. Fine blades are used for cutting harder materials like metal. You also need the fine blade to cut thin sheets. But, finer blades do have some noticeable drawbacks.

How to choose a metal cutting band saw blade?

Our webpage How to use a BandSaw has a guide for selecting the proper pitch band saw blade for different metals and metal thickness. The resulting finish mostly depends upon the saw pitch. The faster the blade speed and the finer the blade, the finer the finish will be. Cutting fluid also helps to improve the finish.

What should blade tension be on band saw?

When you don’t use the saw, the blade tension should be low. Because of that, you should raise it every time you want to start working. The blade’s tension is a very important factor so be sure you check this aspect. The blade level is held in its place by some blade guides. You should have two sets of guides.


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