What is stihl 131 pole saw

Is the Stihl HT 131 a good chainsaw?

Discussion in ' Chainsaws ' started by Philbert, Jul 3, 2018 . This is not really a choice; I recently got a good deal on a lightly used HT 131. But I am interested in hearing comments from folks who have used both.

Is there a service manual for the Stihl ht101 pole saw?

Stihl HT 101 Service Manual to repair your stihl HT101 pole pruner. Clear diagrams and information, which can be viewed on any device including mobiles and tablets. Free Online images or download full PDF to print or save. Stihl HT 101 Service Manual for all pole saws and pruners under the Stihl 101 name.

What makes the Stihl FS 131 your a good Trimmer?

The drive shaft provides smooth operation and less vibration. The tank allows the operator to easily check fuel level before starting work. Its upright position also makes it easier to refill the tank. The Stihl FS 131 R trimmer is ready for any heavy-duty trim job that you may have.

What's the difference between HT 131 and HT 133 pole saws?

HT 131 comes with a 12" bar and 3/8 low profile ('Picco') chain; HT 133 comes with a 14" bar and 1/4" chain. Both have the same size engine. I know that the shafts are different.


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